A Guide to Product Development

A Guide to Product Development

A Guide to Product Development

Whilst each product has unique features, challenges and production processes, there are always three main stages of product development:


  • Planning
  • Development
  • Launch


Each phase presents its own challenges to you and your team. Here is our guide to the product development process:




“An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing” – Dale Carnegie


Thorough planning is critical to successfully realising your vision for your product. You should consider not only how to develop your software but also your business model.

In order to plan effectively, you must:

  • Brainstorm your goals for your project and a timeline of when you will achieve them; your product’s unique selling point; how your product will make money and whose expertise you will require to build an amazing product
  • Research existing products and your competition
  • Research the demographics, values, pain points and objections of your ideal customers
  • Collaborate with an outsourcing company that has experience delivering projects as well as expertise in developing software like YourCode Solutions




“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds” – Alexander Graham Bell


Once you have carefully planned your product idea, you can begin to outsource specialists for production.


YourCode Solutions combine the strength of our brand and expertise in recruiting and managing developers with our knowledge and experience working with US and West European clients. Together, we can set up collaborative, high-performance engineering teams that become a natural extension of your in-house team.



We will source, interview, and onboard talented candidates that match your technical and cultural requirements. Then, we’ll handle all the time-consuming admin, legal, and payroll tasks for you. We’ll take care of the team’s well-being and make sure your enterprise has everything it needs to succeed and grow.




“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill


Now it’s time to share your amazing product with the world! Once your product is live, it’s important to monitor it and respond swiftly to any bugs uncovered or any user experience issues that could be refined. Ensure a budget is already in place to accommodate this. 


Each platform (web, iOS, Android) will require continuous support from a different specialist so consider this when working with a company for outsourcing and recruitment.


You must also consider the marketing of your product at this time.


To discuss any stage of the Product Development process with our team of experts, please contact sales@yourcodesolutions.com or call +44 (0) 1924 792-298. Visit our website for more details www.yourcodesolutions.com