About YCS

About YourCode Solutions.

The YourCode Group is an award-winning technology recruitment group operating internationally, with delivery teams based in the United Kingdom, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Germany. We offer world-class, outsourced IT services to some of the most reputable brands globally.


Launched in 2018, YourCode Group quickly built a reputation as an effective recruitment partner for organisations who were looking to scale and attract their competitors’ best talent. Within 12 months, YourCode had been recognised for it’s contribution to the IT industry and was awarded “Company of the Year”, with the Founders being awarded “Entrepreneurs of the Year” for their dedication to innovation and creative solutions to staffing.


We are a team of world-class engineers and software designers with a prestigious reputation that has built itself from the 5 years of delivering the highest-quality code for our partners. This is why we genuinely care about ensuring your software solutions are the best in class.

Meet The Leadership Team

Driven by technology. Committed to cost efficiency.

Josh Dixon

Chief Commercial Officer & Board Member

LinkedIn: Josh Dixon


Josh Dixon is a highly motivated, driven and entrepreneurial individual with a business-first, strategic mindset and competence, striving for the highest quality and outstanding experience for our partners.


His track record and successes is commended by organisations globally, partnering with key leaders in technology to deliver creative staffing solutions on business critical programmes of work. Josh operates as a Board Member and Chief Commercial Officer of YourCode Solutions and the wider YourCode Group, with the mission to expand business through North Americas.





E: josh.dixon@yourcodesolutions.com

Seon Ripley

Chief Operations Officer & Board Member             

LinkedIn: Seon Ripley


Seon Ripley holds an Bachelor’s of Psychology from Seton Hill University, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and he has developed extensive experience in business operations on an international level. He demonstrates a customer-led approach to strategic business management, with proven experience in scaling global engineering teams.


After an illustrious career working in the outsourcing and recruitment industry, Seon launched the YourCode Group in partnership with Josh Dixon and operates as a Board Director and Chief Operations Officer for YourCode Solutions.


He is native English, with strong ties to the North American business markets.


E: seon.ripley@yourcodesolutions.com

Ellie Fisher

Communications & Marketing

LinkedIn: Ellie Fisher


Ellie joined the YourCode Group in 2022 after a career change from education. She works alongside Josh Dixon to ensure we are creating bespoke and valuable website and social media content to communicate effectively with our partners and engineering teams. As a result, we effectively guide our networks on how they can improve their technology teams through augmentation solutions.

Since joining YourCode, Ellie has been instrumental in the launch of our new marketing channels, which has proven to increase visibility to potential candidates who wish to work on the YourCode Solutions projects.

Ellie holds a BA (Hons) Degree from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom and has ambitions to complete an MA in Marketing.

E: Ellie.fisher@yourcodesolutions.com

Matt Poole

Commercial Manager

LinkedIn: Matthew Poole


For over 8 years, Matthew Poole has been supporting businesses throughout Europe and North America with building high performing recruitment teams, initially starting his career in IT Recruitment before pursuing his career with YourCode Solutions.


Matthew has been instrumental throughout his career, helping to build high-quality software engineering teams for his customers across the globe. During his career, he has been recognised for his transparent approach to business, ensuring his partners have the best solutions tailor made for their organisations.


Based in the St Albans, United Kingdom, Matthew works alongside Josh Dixon to oversee the Commercial operations of YourCode Solutions in Europe and the North Americas.


E: matt.poole@yourcode.co

Andrei Bahan

Delivery Manager – EU

LinkedIn: Andrei Bahan


Andrei Bahan joined YourCode Solutions in 2020, joining the business in Romania as part of our European expansion. His work has been instrumental in the success of YourCode Solutions; managing our key partners staffing projects and leading a team of recruiters who consistently deliver world-class technology professionals onto our partners projects.


During the last 2 years, Andrei has developed significant relationships with software engineering professionals spanning across Europe, covering Romania, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Outside of the office, Andrei is committed to education and personal development, with a keen interest in International Law. He is a native Romanian speak, fluent in English and always looking to brush up his language skills to develop international relationships.

Emma Townend

Office Manager

LinkedIn: Emma Townend


Emma has worked in the wider YCG business since 2016, initialling joining YourCode Solution’s sister company, AKA, before transitioning over to the YourCode brand.


Joining the business as a Recruitment Co-ordinator and Admin Assistant, Emma understands the importance of a strong recruitment and onboarding process and in 2021 she joined YourCode Solutions to take control of our Payroll & Recruitment Administration tasks.


Emma provides our partners with key data insights each week, outlining the progress of the developers that are engaged on your projects.


E: admin@yourcodesolutions.com


Values & Ethos

Integrity – Honour our commitments to our clients & candidates

We don’t take our commitments lightly, we will do everything possible to make sure we meet expectations and continue to raise the bar.


Growth – Embrace opportunities to learn & improve

We invest in ourselves, and not just in the wider business. We want to improve as individuals as well as a team to ensure we hit our personal goals.


Innovation – Always curious, adventurous & creative

We question ‘standard’ and work outside of the box to create efficiency and deliver more effectively for our clients. In return, our staff enjoy much more freedom and flexibility to live their ‘best life’ without the pressures of work.


Compassion – Observe, listen, understand & assist

We are human. Our clients are human. Our candidates are human. Our compassion allows us to understand where and when something is needed.


Drive – Never satisfied.

Excellence is a habit, not a goal. Hard work & enthusiasm will get you halfway.

Our Projects

Recent projects we have worked on include:

Dover Corporation

European software engineering build-out for the US-based engineering firm. Onboarding began in Poland before supporting additional growth in Sweden, UK and Belgium


Working in partnership with our YourCode Subscription team to onboard a Digital Consultant to help deliver key consultancy projects for external clients.


Supporting Natterbox on a short term project for their end client, scaling up their internal team with key Apex and Salesforce Administrative skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss something? Feel free to reach out via our Contact page!

How many Engineers are available on your bench?

Depending on the technologies involved, we are typically able to onboard a delivery team of 10 specialists within 4-6 weeks.

How quickly can you onboard a new team?

Our delivery teams are often available to start new projects within 2-4 weeks. We have a large network of Engineers who are consistently delivering projects for our customers, providing good availability to support your organisation with limited notice.

Where are your Engineers based?

YourCode Solutions is a European-based consultancy, with our delivery centres based in the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia. We operate a remote-first model that gives us greater possibilities to higher world-class talent.

Do you work with large corporates?

We work with organisations of all sizes; the most important criteria for our partnerships is that our customers share similar values to our organisation. Our biggest client is a $7bn Global Engineering provider, and our smallest is a 5-person marketing agency.

What is the minimum team size you can provide?

We have no regulations on the minimum team size that we can provide.

What are the steps to onboard a new team?

Our onboarding process for new customers looks like this;

1. Initial introductory meeting to set realistic objectives

2. YourCode presentation to outline how we will deliver

3. Contract agreement

4. Onboarding

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