A Guide to Software Outsourcing

A Guide to Software Outsourcing

A Guide to Software Outsourcing

So you need to build an in-house team quickly and don’t have time for a lengthy recruitment process. Don’t compromise on quality, extend your team with elite developers hand selected by YourCode Solutions from across Europe. Here’s our guide to the outsourcing process; the details to consider; the challenges involved and the benefits of using an external company:

How does Python Outsourcing work?

A Guide to Software Outsourcing

Don’t let the costs, time, and competition of the recruitment process limit your potential. With creativity and innovation, your enterprise can attract top talent in a world where remote work is the new reality.


We combine the strength of our brand and expertise in recruiting and managing developers with our knowledge and experience working with US and West European clients. Together, we can set up collaborative, high-performance engineering teams that become a natural extension of your in-house team.


Let YourCode Solutions do the heavy lifting. Our role is to source, interview, and onboard talented candidates that match your technical and cultural requirements. Then, we’ll handle all the time-consuming admin, legal, and payroll tasks for you. We’ll take care of the team’s well-being and make sure your enterprise has everything it needs to succeed and grow.


Your role is to provide valuable feedback in the candidate selection process. Then, you’ll be able to work and communicate directly with the team, just as you currently do with your staff— it’s that simple!


Set up a dedicated development team with YourCode Solutions to find skilled, passionate, and perfectly matched developers to work with your in-house team. This flexible, sustainable approach will help you increase your engineering capacity while offering great value for your money.


Why choose YourCode Solutions?



We integrate AI processes and machine learning into our day-to-day running of YourCode Solutions. This enables us to provide the most efficient service to you; providing speed, efficiency and accuracy when staffing on your projects.


As a result of our internal innovations, we are able to provide higher levels of candidates at a lower cost to our competitors.


Industry Specialists

YourCode Solutions has provided IT Specialists to our partners in the United States since 2018, helping to deliver over 105 real-world projects and enabling our partners to scale engineering teams at short notice with world-class talent.


Our recruitment team is engaging with new IT Specialists on a daily basis, ensuring you have both the volume and above all, the quality required from a trusted augmentation partner.


Global Workforce

As a fully remote and distributed organisation, our modern setup enables us to hire world-class engineers across Europe, giving you the quality of an internal team member for a cost-effective monthly fee.


Our team consist of some of the most reputable engineers in Europe. For instance, we recently hired a team of ex-Apple iOS Developers who have relocated to Europe.


Rapid Turnaround

Failure to staff your projects in a timely manner can have both a reputational and financial impact on your business. As a result, we consistently ensure we have the capacity to scale your team within 14 days.


In addition to our rapid recruitment turnaround, our onboarding teams are online 7 days per week, giving you reassurance that we can prepare the relevant documents to align with a fast turnaround time.



Our flexible staffing augmentation solutions give you the freedom to scale up and down with limited notice, providing exceptional agility that is often required when delivering key projects within a budget.


With no minimum headcount, YourCode Solutions will partner with your organisation to provide you with as little, or as much support as required during business-critical situations. As a result, you can be more adventurous with hiring plans, knowing there is the ability to pause at any time.


5* Recommended

YourCode Solutions provides both reliability and flexibility in your hiring strategy, but above all, we ensure world-class engineers when staffing for your projects.


Our SLT has experience building new technology teams for global organisations as well as startups. As a result, we are well positioned to take ownership of the onboarding process and provide the structure to achieve successful results.

What do I need to consider?


What does your existing team look like? 

Do you require a new team to be built from scratch or does your in-house team need extending? If the latter is the case, you must consider whether you wish your in-house team to collaborate with the engineers we will onboard or if you would prefer the teams to work on separate projects. Involving your in-house team in the onboarding process is advisable if you intend the teams to work closely together.


What work will our engineers be doing?

Next, you must consider the tasks you would like our developers to carry out. Whether you wish our developers to carry out maintenance work or create new processes and systems will determine the engineers you pick according to the experience they hold.


What is your budget?

For obvious reasons, this will impact many other decisions within your project.


For how long will you be outsourcing?

It’s a good idea to draw up a timeline of your project including how long you estimate you will be requiring external professionals to develop your project.

What are the benefits?



Our Engineering teams are made up of the best technology talent from the United Kingdom, Romania, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine. Our Delivery Centres are constantly recruiting new IT Specialists, giving you the opportunity to scale up at short notice with professionals you can trust.


Fast Results

If you want to scale-up your team quickly, outsourcing will give you the fastest results. With the ability to integrate into your team within 2-weeks, YourCode Solutions are well-positioned to support your project during the most crucial times.



You don’t have to worry about team engagement or training and development as we take care of all that for you. Our squads are teams of confident, happy, professionally curious and innovative individuals who care about working on real-world projects. Each YCS team member demonstrates the core company values: integrity, growth, innovative, compassionate, and driven. Continuous learning and development for all members of staff is central to anyone who works at YCS


Value for controlled money

With outsourcing it’s very easy to control the budget. Our IT Specialists are working in Europe, ensuring that our monthly cost is the same or less than the cost of hiring a permanent employee in the US.


Want to know more about Outsourcing with YourCode Solutions? Visit our website www.yourcodesolutions.com or contact sales@yourcodesolutions.com