Anda’s First Week at YourCode

Anda’s First Week at YourCode

Anda’s First Week at YourCode

  • How have you found your first week at YourCode?




How have you found your first week at YourCode?


It’s been really good! There’s been a lot of training but not so much that it was overwhelming, which was good. I’ve also started to do some sourcing so it’s been a good mix of training and work. Some experience I already have is still useful but there have also been some new ideas in my training and I’m really happy about that because it confirms that this role was a good match for me.



What was the highlight of your week?


The best thing from this week has been that confirmation that this was a good career move for me. I like the approach here of building relationships with candidates. I feel like it’s my mission to change a candidate’s mind about what a recruiter can be. When candidates begin to think about changes in the market and new opportunities I want them to think of me, as a personal consultant ready to help. So yes, I think that is my highlight, that I understand that this is my place.



What was your biggest challenge?


As I have some experience in recruitment already I think the biggest challenge for me this week was to push myself out of my comfort zone. I think when you’re used to doing things a certain way, it’s easy to just continue doing them that way but this week I’ve really tried to push myself to try doing things differently.



What are you excited to develop/learn?


I’m excited to build relationships with candidates and to learn what to do better, whether it be changing the way to speak to candidates or contacting them more, whatever it may be.



Is it how you expected it to be, working at YourCode? 


Honestly, I didn’t really have many expectations and I think that’s the best approach to a new role. I don’t feel stressed; I feel very comfortable here.



What advice would you give someone starting a new job?


Take everything that you can onboard – all the training, information, tips and tricks! You might think you already know lots of things but there is always something new to learn.